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Rams extend Sean McVay and Les Snead through 2023

After a long period where Rams fans suffered in mediocrity and worse, the Rams have secured themselves a successful long term future. Les Snead and Sean McVay have gone 24-8 in the regular season and 2-2 in the post season reaching the first Superbowl since 2001. These 2 have spearheaded a vision for this franchise that not only includes a well thought out plan of attack but a new culture and commitment to excellence that had been lacking for a long time.

Rams fans should be excited as this not only secures a great future GM and Coach but a duo that has been humble enough to work hand in hand in creating this roster and the chemistry is evident. McSnead, as they are affectionately called, will ensure the Rams are relevant for a long time and will put a product on the field Rams fans can be proud of.